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BVM Global @ Bengaluru students celebrated the French National Day. Staying true to its spirit of instilling awareness and appreciation of cross-border culture, the school organized a lively celebration. It was a day of fun & frolic for the students.


To mark the occasion, students were asked to wear the colours of the French National Flag, i.e. ‘Bleu, Blanc et Rouge’ (French for blue, white and red) and they came dressed in their creative, colourful best. The excitement was palpable on their faces; they knew it was a special day and they were eager and restless to see what lay in store.


There was a PowerPoint presentation by the 8th grade students, focusing on the roots of the French Revolution and the events that led to the celebration of ‘Bastille Day’, as the French National Day is alternately known. The kids were spellbound by the tales of King Louis XVI, Queen Marie Antoinette, the struggles of the French people and their bravery in bringing about a revolution against monarchy. The takeaways at the end of it – a moral awareness of being unselfish, respect towards others and the importance of treating people equally.


This was followed by a movie screening of an animated French movie to help students increase their command of the language. The students had been asked to bring ‘French’ food, and after the movie out came muffins, puffs, croissants, cakes & pastries galore.


The next period was also devoted to French activities, with the students of classes 6, 7 & 8 participating in a quiz competition on general awareness of France and its culture.


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