Why BVM International for IGCSE ?

BVM International is one of the best IGCSE schools in South India

  • Well rounded and holistic education.
  • Opens the doors to the World’s most prestigious Universities.
  • A demanding, rigorous and empowering curriculum which will equip BVM International students to excel at degree level and compete globally.
  • Benchmark against international standards and the best of global student community.
  • Global recognition of International International GCSE syllabus, by Universities and educators worldwide, enables students to apply to study and work across the world.Exposure to a global culture & network that is extremely enriching for a child.
  • Celebration of diversity - an essential ingredient to a complete & balanced education and a great way to nurture, develop a child’s creativity & imagination.
  • A bright start for your child’s future, a winning edge & competitive advantage.


International GCSE provides a diverse curriculum created specifically for an international student body and catering to 21st century learning.

  • Wide subject range: Edexcel International GCSE qualifications are currently available in 40 subjects, offering more choice to students wanting to study a variety of topics.
  • Flexible course content: International GCSE allows incorporation of local content into the curriculum, making the course more relevant and engaging for learners.The syllabuses are international in outlook, but retain a local relevance.
  • Options for progression: On successful completion of these qualifications, students can choose to further their study by taking AS and A levels or other equivalent qualifications such as Edexcel’s BTEC Nationals or the Edexcel International Diploma.
  • Global recognition: International GCSE syllabus help students apply to study and work across the world, as it is recognised by Universities and educators worldwide.
  • Extensive student support: Edexcel International GCSE offers students a wide range of resources and assistance, from exam timetables and past papers to revision tips and the opportunity to comment on blogs, share a query on Twitter or ask a question on Facebook.
  • Analytical and diagnostic tools: Educators & Teachers can use the exclusive ePen and ResultsPLus technology which helps to assess student-learners’ performance which can be used to help students to improve.
  • Building a foundation for educational success: features a comprehensive teacher programme package with an array of support materials to help educators implement the curriculum, plus progress and achievement tests that allow teachers to benchmark pupils against international standards.
  • Subject Advisors: Edexcel have experts in each subject area on hand to answer Teachers subject-specific questions personally. Unbeaten support: Edexcel are committed to supporting teachers & educators in the day-to-day teaching.

In India, International GCSE is accepted as equivalent to 10th grade other Indian boards. Edexcel is one of the approved boards of COBSE (Council of boards of school education in India).

GCE 'A' level of Edexcel is recognised by AIU (Association of Indian Universities) as equivalent to +2 qualification of any Indian Board giving the student access to bachelor degree programs at Indian Universities.

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