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World Blood Donor Day

On behalf of Karuna Club of BVM Global @ Bengaluru, the World Blood Donor Day was celebrated on 14th June. It is a world-wide blood donation awareness day. Students of classes 7 and 8 participated in the event. They campaigned on this noble cause by standing on either side of the road going towards Electronic city near the school campus. They held relevant placards displaying slogans related to creating awareness on blood donation. The campaign caught the attention of the office-goers and the passers-by as they sang a song on the importance of blood donation with a catchy slogan ' Every 2 seconds a person needs blood'!' The enthusiasm of the students was evident with their bold voice in the singing and sloganeering. It was a great learning experience for the participating students who would carry forward this important message that each person can be a life saver by donating blood.

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