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Robotix Day 18th Feb 2017

On 18th February, BVM Global@ Bengaluru successfully conducted the first “Robotix Day by students of classes 7th & 8th. It was hosted as a Robotix” Soccer match between groups of students. They were split up as different groups, each group had maximum of 3 members. Each of these groups had a unique team name such as Snap dragons, Blazing Mechanics. The Robotix Soccer was a two steps event using construction and game. Construction and Soccer Game rules were given prior to the event to the teams. Students had built their own Soccer robot without any manuals. The models were controlled through mobile using Bluetooth and NXT app.

The Soccer match was conducted for 1.5 hours in 3 levels with breaks such as the prelims (8 teams), Semi-Finals (4), and Finals (2 teams). It was a 4 player game and each team had 2 participants who controlled their respective robots. Each match was conducted for 10 minutes with two half times.

The team Supreme Strikers comprising Subashree, Sri Sathvika and Bala Sai Krishna the scored maximum goals within a given time and were declared the winner of the match. The Runners up were Robonauts group comprising Aditya Ravi and Sankalp Singh. The rules of Soccer were observed strictly. It was a fun day for the students who showcased their gadget manoeuvring skills.


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