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Student Exchange Program 2016-17

The Student Exchange Program for the academic year 2016-17 was hosted by BVM Global @ BHS. Students of class 6 from all branches of BVM participated enthusiastically in this three day long program from 16th to 18th February 2017. The participating schools were BVM Global @ Nandiwoods, Trichy, Coimbatore, Perungudi and Selam. 

Students who participated from Bangalore were Suhrudai Nivas., Vijaykumar, Siya and Niranjana. The first day of the SEP program on 16th February began with a grand welcome for the students and the escort teachers. An interesting ice-breaker session set the mood of the day followed by a colour related brain teaser to be solved by students from each branch. 

Thereafter the students took off to a wild world of reptiles at the Crocodile bank. They were overwhelmed by the variety of crocodiles from different parts of the world. The show stealer was the stealthy movements of the Rock Snake (a non-venomous variety) on its keeper’s hand. The crocodile in motion under water through the basement glass chamber was an equally mesmerizing sight for the children.

Students had their lunch during a trip to the cultural display of south Indian model of houses at Dakshin Chitra. The students enjoyed the variation and the display of traditional craft activities such as basket weaving, grinding and glass blowing techniques. Soon it was time to go back to school where they were picked up by their host parents. 

The second day started with a talent show, where students demonstrated their varied talents. Nivas and Vijaykumar showed different Rubik’s cube patterns, where as Siya and Niranjana chanted a sloka. 

The day was equally fun-filled with a short trip to the Isckon temple on the ECR. The students were welcomed to the peaceful environs of the meditation hall. The students were then taken to a beach, where they collected shells and saw baby crabs. 

The third and concluding day of the SEP commenced with a trekking experience at Bollineni Hillside with the other students and teachers. Host parents were also invited to join them. They visited a Shiva temple situated on the hills. Post-snack break the BHS students from different classes presented a Karate demonstration, guest students also tried few steps. That was not all…

Students were then taken to Birla Planetarium, where they observed varied displays keenly and enjoyed an interesting puppet show.  They also had fun in the park area of the planetarium.

Back to school, as a concluding touch, the guest students from each school shared their views on the SEP. It was time to say goodbye to all the new friends and host buddies as the curtains drew on this year’s SEP. The students have carried with them beautiful memories of these three days of fun-filled interaction which has been etched in their impressionable young minds. 


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