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- Harsha V f/o Kaushik Srivatsa H (Class V)

Both of my kids study in BVM Global Bangalore and I have been associated with the school for about 7 years now. We are strong believers of the fact that schooling is much beyond rote learning and I find BVM Global is one of the very few schools that applies this philosophy day in and day out. The overall setup with child-friendly staff is so conducive to kindle the inquisitiveness in the child. In today's rat race among schools for producing engineering and medical embryos, it is refreshing to find a school that believes in holistic development of a child that enables them to experiment with a wide gamut of things around them and empowering them to pursue their interests. Some of the most welcome and unconventional approaches of the school like "once a week school uniform till grade 5" to let the child enjoy their outfit, (unannounced) assessments that evaluate the child's understanding rather than studying, celebrating every festival in the school premises along with its significance, an yearly "project day" for which most of the learning happens through off-the-class and on-field activities are some of the few examples from the top of my mind for how the school makes a difference in the nurturing of a child. Over these years, I have found the school administration to be very receptive of the suggestions brought up by the parents.Most of all, my kids enjoy the fullest going to the school and what more do you want as a parent.

M Das p/o Manan (Class I) and Ribhav (Class V)

The school has a wonderful way of teaching without stressing out or burdening the children. They have lots of extracurricular activities which keep the children engaged. Project Day is a great way for the kids to learn about a topic in a non classroom environment. Teachers and staff are approachable and friendly. There is always opportunity to share suggestions and concerns which are taken up seriously by the school

Annalakshmi Manivannan m/o Oviya (Class V)

My daughter is studying in this school since its inception. She has grown along with the school. I would recommend this school for people who wish to enroll their children in a no pressure environment along with good values. I see other parents in our neighborhood complaining about the pressure in making the children study for exams( no exams till 5th!!! _ the most important and interesting aspect) and go around buying things for various activities whereas we( child and the parents) are very relaxed. I would definitely recommend this school.

Mahesh Warrier f/o Swara (UKG)

My kid has been studying in BVM since pre-KG. The best thing about this school is they believe in inculcating strong values in kids and also provide equal opportunities to all the kids. My kid's self confidence has grown immensely and this school facilitates a strong platform to her to display her abilities and skills. We are glad that we made the right choice.

Krishna VK f/o Arya (Class IV) and Nithya (Class II)

We Shifted to Bangalore from Goa for Kids Education . And @ BVM Global We found the perfect school for our kids. Here they impart high end knowledge like Robotics, Foreign Languages while keeping the Indian Tradition & Culture at the core - Yoga, Sloka, Indian Classical Music, Festival Celebrations etc. They have very unique approach to teach Mathematics !!!!

Sheethal and Shrikanth Gothe p/o Saachi (Class VI)

Our daughter, Saachi Gothe in 6th A has been studying in BVM Global since her UKg days. Coming from a Montessori background, we were initially apprehensive about how the school will turnout to be. And to our delight, 'experience' at BVM turned out to be a wonderful one. BVM focuses not only on academics but also on overall development which helps a child evolve naturally. We feel BVM is on par with some of the best schools in south Bangalore with a good balance between learning & other activities. Our thanks to all the teachers and the support staff of BVM

Pallavi Saxena m/o Jahnavi (Class V)

The teaching methodology used by the school is very good. The school provides a stress free environment for learning, giving them right environment to learn self discipline and sense of responsibility. Teachers and other staff make an integral and most important part of any school and this school has the most compassionate teachers who understand child psychology very well.

Jayakrishnan Rajagopalan f/o Viswajeth (ClassVI)

BVM Global Bengaluru is not just another school but a place which spawns a wide spectrum of teaching methodology - from Vedic Heritage approach to Robotics & Computers with Digital teaching models. Both our kids are thrilled to go to BVM everyday, where they are eager to learn, socialize, compete and become best in class - world citizens, with the finest of human value system !

Vishalini Neelambaram m/o Ramani Ravi (Class II)

My son is studying in BVM . I love the school. The teachers and other staffs are very friendly. The way of teaching is awesome. They give importance for discipline. The best part kids enjoy is no uniform that makes the kids more comfortable. Stress free education. We also have sloka class yoga class etc. I strongly recommend this school for healthy development of the kid.